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i wnt to knw mre abt d diploma nd the degree....nd also tel me mre abt d uds degree.....

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Erica in Ghana these are some of the differences between a diploma and a degree.

           Diploma                                           Degree
  1. A diploma is lower in quality to a - 1. A degree is a higher qualification
    degree. - than a diploma.
  2. A diploma lasts 2 years most often. - 2. A degree lasts 4 years.
  3. You cannot do a masters with - 3. You can further easily with a
    a diploma. - degree to pursue a masters
  4. A diploma is paid less than a degree - 4. A degree holder is paid more.
  5. A diploma can be offered by any - 5. A degree is offered only by a
    accreditted institution. university.

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