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Looking for the remedial school in ghana will be of little help to you cos even then you still have to sit your self down and study in order to make the grade cut for your dream university.

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The answer depends on where you stay,

Remedial schools like IDEAL COLLEGE, STREAMSTREET COLLEGE, ELITE COLLEGE etc are all very good with their remedial classes and novdec records.

For how much they will charge, you need to contact the schools personally to find out.

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The WASSCE Remedial School of Supreme International College, Accra; The Best WASSCE Remedial School in Accra, Ghana by all Standards provides intermediary level of studies, laying a solid foundation for prospective students that want to study in tertiary institutions/university and consequently breaking the inter-generational cycle of poverty,  growing up to earn higher wages, contributing  to stronger economies, supporting  healthier and more prosperous families, and make informed decisions essential to democratic institutions among others.

Over the years, statistics shows that most Senior Higher School (SHS) graduates hardly meet the minimum entry requirements set by the NAB for admission into any tertiary institution/university in Ghana.

These are largely attributed to the caliber of teachers teaching in our secondary schools and the massive failure of students in their final year WASSCE Examinations.

In an attempt to tackle this unfortunate situation, The Department of WASSCE Remedial Programmes at Supreme International College, Adenta was established to prepare these unfortunate students to take the WASSCE examinations again in expectancy of better grades and also to prepare some students to undertake Pre-Degree/University Programme-



The remedial section of the College also organizes special, intensive, result-oriented classes for students with deficiencies in their WASSCE results / candidates seeking admission into tertiary institutions/universities but do not meet the cut-off points.  The school also admits and prepares students for the WASSCE/GBCE/ABCE examinations and makes their papers at once. We also guide successful candidates to secure admission into higher institutions in Ghana, UK, Canada, Switzerland and the United States.

The Remedial programme generally runs throughout the year to the day of the final examinations. During this period, students are exposed to intensive lectures from Mondays to Friday every week and a test every fortnight.  In additions there are flexible study options available to students to meet their personal needs/schedule, thus Morning, Afternoon and Evening Sessions.

Other Benefits

  1. Conducive learning environments
  • Air-conditioned lecture halls
  • Air-conditioned Library with free internet access,
  • Graduate and Result orientated Teachers
  • Meet Examiners  
  • Free computer training among others
  • Free career guidance
  • Up to 40% discount available for students who pursue Pre-Degree/University Programme with the College leading to direct admission into level 200 at the both private and public universities in Ghana.  





Core Subjects

  1. Social Studies                     
  2. English Language  
  3. Mathematics            
  4. Integrated Science 


Elective Subjects

  1. Business Management     
  2. Clerical Office Duties                     
  3. Financial Accounting                    
  4. Principles of Cost Accounting
  5. Typewriting (40wpm)                      
  6. Christian Religious Studies
  7. Economics                           
  8. Geography                           
  9. Government                         
  10. History                                   
  11. Literature In English                       
  12. Mathematics (Elective)       
  13. Biology                                  
  14. Chemistry                             
  15. Physics         


If you are looking for NOT just  a School offering WASSCE Remedial in Accra, Ghana BUT the Best WASSCE remedial School in Accra, Ghana with the track record of GOOD GRADES NOT just a pass/credit, then  the place for you to take your WASSCE remedial classes is: Supreme International College, Adenta.…..Indeed, You deserve Education and we provide the opportunity. 

More further information Contact Us on: 0278065240  / 0245009627  
How many does Supreme charge for 1 subject, please for Nov-Dec
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Supreme International College, Adenta is the best WASSCE remedial school in Ghana and ranked as No. 1 in the Top 10 WASSCE remedial schools in Ghana in 2017. 

Call them on 

0278065240  / 0245009627


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