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I remember this old episode of Family Guy when I used to watch that show and the thought has stayed with me for years. I see a bunch of jerks who have women all over them and they treat them the worst. I don't want to be a bully but its my only choice to get a woman into me.

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Those jerks usually have women because they're hot, have money, or both. So those women "put up" with them. I honestly find that to be stupid and shallow if that's the reason why they're with them. I don't feel bad for them if something happens either.

Some people are REALLY in love guys like that or they can't see the bad in him. I feel sorry for those trapped women.

But in general, no. Women don't want to be treated like that.

And also, being a "bully" isn't a way to get a woman. It's a way to get a swift kick in the 'nads.

If you are yourself and physically attractive as well as confident, you should get a woman with relative ease...IN YOUR ATTRACTIVENESS RANGE.

The phrase in all caps means that if you're a 2 trying to go after a 10, you're unrealistic and need to:

1) Start going after 2s and 1s. Or..

2) Make yourself more appealing to up your number.

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