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What men really want in bed is no mystery. Men are NOT hard to figure out or please. Due to the fact that there are virtually no women writing and producing porn films gives a strong clue. If you want to know exactly what men want in bed just watch the movie. Now I concede that there is a wide variety of kinds of movies to watch. Also the sexual orientation of the male effects what he may want in bed.
Oral Stimulation

Men are very vocal about their needs. They routinely shout them out in public. When was the last time you heard a guy shout out, "Suck my earlobes!" or try out, "Suck my toes!" That's because there are far more nerve endings in his penis screaming out for attention.
Corporal Kissing

The pop group, Exile released a song in the seventies called, "I want to kiss you all over". Believe it! Men want to kiss their partner from head to toe. The kissing impulse is not culturally bound. Mana, a Spanish rock group sings a tune called, "De pies a cabeza" , which translates, "From head to toe".
Shared Responsibility

Men do not want to do all the work. They appreciate variety and like to change positions often. This helps them last longer and enjoy their time with their partner more. They like it when their partner takes her turn on top or initiates a change of position. It is not all on him to "get her off".
Authentic Noise

Men want to hear from their partner. The feedback does not need to be in verbal form. Moans are fine.
Letting him know you are feeling it is good. Having you at the border of pleasure and pain. Nothing deflates his ego faster than suspecting that you are faking it.
Finish Line

Men are very goal oriented and do not consider sex a success unless both of you finish. Letting him know you are satisfied with the time together makes him feel fantastic. If he does not complete the cycle he feels frustrated and wonders why he wasted his time. A simultaneous orgasm is the equivalent of a touchdown.
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