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Black screen with all lights on

after the power is on the operating system didn''t load. It is only black screen.

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I called hp today, for the black screen at bootup. He worked me through it perfectly. Seems when the machine sits idle too long the power starts to efecct the mother board. The solution was to remove powercord and battery, press the startup button for 30 seconds then plug back power cord and press power start button again... Then reinstall battery and start with it in again... Worked fin after that I guess hp is aware of this issue.......

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It is possible that is a virus, especially as you did nothing that could have damaged the hardware. However - one other thing that may be causing this is a failed power supply. It may be that the computer is no longer getting enough power to run the graphics card properly. You could try removing any PCI cards and extra fans (appart from the CPU fan obviously) to see if that allows the PSU to provide more power to the graphics card. But there's no old is the PSU and is it branded?

Also, did you download anything whilst on the internet before hand? Or click yes to any of those warning prompts?

Id say the chances of it being a BIOS destryoing virus arnt too high, unless you already have suspicions about this.
Have you moved the machine at all ?

Check for loose IDE cables and that the memory is in correctly. Infact, have you messed around inside the machine before it stopped working ?
If not, and somthing hasnt come loose, it'll probably be hardware failure of some kind. Memory iscommon one, and check the PSU (Hope its a good make / branded one).
Good Luck
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Ok Lets Start...I Got My Friend Laptop (Hp Dv2310us) To Repair
Apparently It Was Not Booting.Only The Lights Would Come On.
I Tried Looking For Some Info Online Which Was Helpful.
Which Stated That We Should Update The Bios Link Here > But How I Can I Update My Bios If i Cant Even Get The Pc On?
Well As Stated In Forums I Read Taking Out The Battery And Memory For A Couple Hours Actually Works After You Take Out The Battery Do A Hard Reset By Holding Down The Power Button For 30 Seconds.Now When You Replace The Battery And Memory Plug In The Power Supply.Nb
; If The Pc Boots For Itself Hold The Power Button Until It Turns Off Then Turn It On Again (Might Have To Turn On And Off For A While However The System Will Eventually Boot(Hit f8 While Trying To Boot) ...Once Inside Windows "Do A system Recovery At Once Forget Backing Up Your Files These You May Hve To Lose:(
Thats It My dv 2310us Works Very Good Now.Nb All Dv2000 Series Have This Problem..Hope This Help Worked For Me ...Plz Post On Other Site So This Can Help Others

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This isn't exactly a "solution" so much as an "end of the road". I have a DV2000t which has a broken lid switch, only powers on after battery and power are unplugged (but new BIOS did not fix), only turns on fan briefly during boot then never again (but new BIOS did not fix), has gone through a couple inverters, no longer powers on from power button (due to poor soldering), has non-functional wireless (no network), powers up and down in three seconds if CMOS isn't cleared, and has had the related orange touchpad light. In short, it has had EVERY problem that the recalled DV2000 series laptops have had, and yet the model is not on the recall list. I also called HP and confirmed that, because the warranty period is over, I have no option but to pay a lot for replacement parts from HP.

So the "solution" is to part it out on eBay and happily go without a laptop. Buying a replacement motherboard for this laptop isn't much of a solution, because it's still the same junk hardware, but if anything else goes wrong, there's no coverage.

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Follow the below link. HP is fixing the problem for free. They did not ask me when I purchased the computer so warranty is not an issue. HP is sending out a pre-paid box to ship the computer back to be fixed

This will only work if your computer is on the list for recall at:

If it is on the list call this to contact HP in North America call 1-866-671-7362 from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm MST, 7 days a week.

It worked for me!

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