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When I hit the backslash key I get #.

Have tried various key combinations.

Have also tried hitting # instead but still no luck.

Need it to enter into command prompt.

Help please, thanks.

2 Answers

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To get a backslash, you need to print the upper ascii character 92 (decimal). On most machines you can get upper ascii characters by holding down the Alt key and typing the decimal value on the numeric keypad. On the little IBM machine I'm typing this on, there is no numeric keypad, but if I switch on numlock (by doing shift-scroll-lock) the j-k-l keys become 1-2-3 etc. Now id I hold down Alt and type 92 (i.e.keys 9-k), this is what I get: \

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Is the keyboard UK [with a £ symbol over the three]? or US with a $ symbol over the three? Set your regional settings for the appropriate keyboard, open control panel - regional and language options - select the languages tab then on details. Check in the list of installed services that it has the correct keyboard language [if not add it] and remove any incorrect keyboard languages. Be sure to click on apply and ok and then close the window. A reboot may be necessary to ensure the correct keyboard type is in operation.

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