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Please amfree I need ur help urgently.....So does it also mean that for someone who had lets say English c6,maths d7,social studies b2,business management b3 &accounting d7  would be admitted if he had applied to Accra polytechnic? .& will be allowed to write the access for only the core maths..& again maybe because the person was in hurry filling the form online he made a mistake in the region of hometown &the qualification,the region aspect instead of eastern he did it greater Accra and for the qualification side was left blank with nothing on the online but on the paper application everything was complete .He will like to know if that can pose any problem for his admission and how it could be resolved....pls reply...Thanks buuunnnchhh.
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Why did the person left the qualification part blank?

Such mistakes annoy the people that admits students.

According to the grades in the question,  the person does not qualify so he will have to write entrance exams.

Note that whether you had d7 in one subject or 3 subjects , you would still have to write entrance exams.

If you pass the entrance exams then you will get admission.

The only issue is how he filled the forms. Since he provided all the necessary information, he should not worry.

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