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A clock forms a circle.

The second hand of a clock is the same as the radius of the circle formed by the clock

Area of a circle is TTr^2  = 22/7(6.3cm)^2 = 124.74cm^2

Assuming the clock is a 12 hour clock,

in 12hrs, the second hand of  clock will travel 124.74cm^2

in 5mins, how far will the tip go?

First lets convert 5mins in hours

60min = 1hour

5min = ?

5/60 X 1hour = 0.08333hours

if 12hoours the second hand of the clock will travel 124.74cm^2

then in 0.0833hours the tip of the second hand clock =?

12hrs = 124.74cm^2

0.08333 = ?

(0.08333/12) x 124.74cm^2 = 0.86621535cm^2

So in 5mins or 0.08333hours, the tip of the clock will travel 0.86621535cm^2

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