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I know how to calculate the CWA I just want to know how the final CWA can be converted to GPA
Converting KNUST CWA to CGPA is very simple;                                                                                                    1) Sum all weighted average for each semester and divide it by the cummulative credit hours

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To convert a cwa to gpa ,

Multiply your cwa by 4, and divide it to a 100.  

Example if your weighted average is 88, then

GPA = ( cwa x 4) / 100

= (88 x 4) / 100

= 3.52
so a person with a first class of 72 will have a GPA of 2.88??That is below the standard of most international Universities. And these international Universities state that their minimum GPA is 3 or a Ghanaian equivalent of 2nd Class upper. So this contradicting. I don't know if you get my point
you are right me dear friend @ Lady Chelsea. this calculation is outrageous.  Can't be.
The calculation is per subject so you will need to convert the weighted generated gpas and find your average. This was given to us by a professor so maybe he might be wrong. We will look further into it
I think its correct.This is about proportion.we are looking at a CWA of 100 equivalent to a GPA of 4.0
i think it's not correct. there is a wide margin of error, and to reduce this error, one needs to take course by course and then apply the grading system of the university.
After a little googling, I found out that it has to be calculated course by course. Here is a link that clarifies things
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KNUST grades using the UK system. So I think this will help.

Conversion Table for US GPA to UK class degrees

US Degree Classifications versus UK Degree Classifications

Converting overseas degree classifications on CVs to the local equivalent is vital, particularly in the UK.

We discovered this table online for converting US degree classifications into UK degree classes. This is very important for US graduates wanting to work or train in the UK to try and use the UK equivalent grading system on their CV.

British Class American GPA Secured Marks Level(%)



Upper Second———3.33-3.67——–60-69

Lower Second———3.00————–50-59


Ordinary Pass———-2.00—————35-40

This table apparently comes from a US government department charged with assessing the levels so should be fairly accurate – see The Fulbright Commission pages for more info.

NB: We have also had a table sent to us by Mr Saif Basheer of the Kuwaiti Embassy in London.

I have been doing a comparative study for the UK and US degrees, and after extensive correspondence with UK universities and some in the US as I have arrived at this table (below);


Letter Mark Mark Grade

A 4 From 70 First (I)

A – 3.67 66.7 Second Upper (II:i)

B + 3.33 63.3 Second Upper (II:i)

B 3 60 Second Upper (II:i)

B – 2.67 56.7 Second Lower (II:ii)

C + 2.33 53.3 Second Lower (II:ii)

C 2 (minimum to graduate) 50 Second Lower (II:ii)

C – 46.7 Third (III)

D + 43.3 Third (III)

D 40 Third (III)

Kind regards,,

Mr. Saif Basheer

Head, Postgraduate Department

Kuwait Cultural Office

Kuwait Embassy – London

Very helpful
Very Helpful.
Thanks for sharing.
this is it. thanx for sharing
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Go to this website

Enter the individual courses plus the grade of the score using the table below 

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Grade Scale Description U.S. Grade
A 80 - 100 Outstanding A+
A- 75 - 79.99 A
B 65 - 74.99 Very Good B
C 60 - 64.99 Good B-
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You can calculate your GPA with a different result using different GPA calculators online...

Apart from Foreigncredits already mentioned, you can also try to see what result you get
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