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pls admin can u brief me more on how to become a blogger is my aim but i dont know how to start and please does it need any special technique before someone can start to blog

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To be a successful blogger, you must have the following.

1. First identify why you want to blog. Is it because of money, passion, etc?

1. A blog must solve a real problem. What are going to blog about? Are you just going to blog about random useless information?

Example: Students in Ghana have a real fear with Maths as a result most students fail core maths which affect their ability to pursue higher education

Can your blog help solve a real problem such as these?

Example 2: Statistics shows that most Ghanaians do not know how to write a proper Job Application which makes it difficult for them to get a job.

Can your blog help fix that issue?

3. Once you know what your blog purpose is, you need a website to start blogging.

If you do not have the skills or money to build a website, you can create a free blog on services like:

or create a facebook page to start

4. If you have about 800ghs, you can get a correct website bearing your brand name

5. Once your site is built. You can then start blogging to solve the problem your blog is meant to solve.

6. Get money to start marketing your blog on the internet, tv , radio etc

7. If you dont have money to market your blog, learn Online Marketing and market your blog without spending a lot of money.

Goodluck and let know if you need more explanation.
thanks but pls i want to create a blog on entertainment and general issues but i dont have money now so can i create free blog and later convert it into a blog that can earn me money if i invest in then,my problem is i will be enterin to sch this year to offer M.A or ntc so after i finish e sch i will get enough money to invest in my blog to help me earn so pls give me advice on wat to do now so after i finish sch my blog wont be new all though i will invest in it then
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