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I would like to seek your opinion and i hope you will do justice to it.

I am in the process of gaining a scholarship in China to futher my studies and i have been promised a teaching job to augment the cost of living.
On the other hand too i am also i the process of gaining admission to a tuition free university in Germany but it comes with its own accomodation, insurance etc cost which could cost me an approximately 4500 ghc annually.
Im now torn between which one i shoud choose. Maybe i dont know much about these two countries

I therefire seek your opinion

N/B the program to offer is the same for both.

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If your aim is to reduce Financial Cost then China will be perfect for you.

If your aim is to increase chance of employment regardless of cost, then Germany will be perfect for you.

From employers point of view, Masters degrees from Europe have more Weight than their Asian Counterpart.

So if you can afford the cost, Germany will be the place to go for your masters.

Also you can get a Job in Germany too once you get admitted and start looking around.

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