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I am confused as a beginner

2 Answers

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It is really difficult to maintain a relationship as well as perform in academics, one can cost the other. Why the rush, u barely have completed your 1st semester.. U have to define what u want out from the relationship. Do u want to just date her? Marry her? Think about, if the relationship affects ur education would u b kk... Cause maintaining a relationship means u hv to spend time with her which could have been 4 books...  

What u have to do.....

1.  Set rules...lyk when learning no calls.         2. Tell her ur ambitions..1st class. She wud respect it and help when she loves u. 3. Make her learn while u learn.. Design the same tymtable so u both be occupied at the same tym...make ur relationship be books books...                                                 NB: this type of relationship can work when she is also serious with her books or else she is likely to pull u down..... Hv a  lot to tell u buh tym..... Make sure u don't get ur heart broken... Peace... Stay away from sex... I am outout...

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You can attain  your ambition if ony both of you can give yourselves time out of the relationship briefly. Because it will be very hard for you to concentrate whiles you are dating. And one more thing is,  you have to spend a lot of time with her than to your books which will greatly affect your studies. So my guy, take time small and make an informed decision as there is a saying that: THERE ARE MORE SLEEP AFTER DEATH

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