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Recent questions in WASSCE QUESTIONS

1 answer 126 views
Good evening Please I want to know if the current 2020 Novdec timetable be changed or maintained...And if yes, please when will the original timetable be out ?
asked Jun 14 in WASSCE QUESTIONS anonymous
1 answer 108 views
I completed The Osei Tutu Senior High School in 2008 May/June wassce
asked Jun 4 in WASSCE QUESTIONS anonymous
1 answer 116 views
i want to know my index number. that's all
asked Jan 30 in WASSCE QUESTIONS anonymous
1 answer 73 views
I still owe school fees, which I've not yet paid. I want to know if my results are safe whiles I haven't paid my fees yet.
asked Nov 6, 2019 in WASSCE QUESTIONS Kwabena Frimpong
1 answer 91 views
Please l completed SHS in 2010 but I couldn't pass but I want to continue my education please is it possible for me to write remedial. Since have stayed in the house for a long period
asked Oct 29, 2019 in WASSCE QUESTIONS NanaYaa
1 answer 121 views
I saw it on the web site of Nov Dec 2019 that the registration is up to 12th August 2019.Please is it true.
asked Aug 10, 2019 in WASSCE QUESTIONS Akua
1 answer 105 views
1 answer 111 views
I had C6 in core maths, C6 in English, C5 in Integrated science, C6 in social studies, C6 in biology, C6 in physics, D7 iin E maths and C5 in Chemistry. Pls do I qualify to do any IT course
asked Aug 7, 2019 in WASSCE QUESTIONS Pls answer my question as soon as possib
1 answer 75 views
Please can you gelp me with my index nimber from St.martins shs 2015
asked Aug 4, 2019 in WASSCE QUESTIONS anonymous
1 answer 72 views
Please I have written two wassce exams. The first one I had B3 in Social, C4 in English, F9 in Maths and E8 in science. The second one too I had C6 in Social, D7 in English, E8 in maths and C6 in science. I want to ask if I can gain an admission using any of the results I had..?
asked Jul 31, 2019 in WASSCE QUESTIONS Yamoah Afrifah Randy
1 answer 97 views
Owing of school fees, I heard the 2019 WASSCE results are in and would like to know if my results are in. Then again, I heard after you pay your fees it's stressful to get your results. Because they will be asking you to go here and there till you feel you're being punished.
asked Jul 25, 2019 in WASSCE QUESTIONS Kwabena Frimpong
1 answer 137 views
1 answer 94 views
Please I had C6 in English, C4 in English,D7 in Core Maths, B3 in Government, B3 in CRS and C4 in French, making aggregate 27.So please I'm asking which university will admit such aggregate and the course as well.
asked Dec 5, 2018 in WASSCE QUESTIONS Cylla
1 answer 636 views
1 answer 148 views
What are some of the likely questions for all subjects in 2019
asked Sep 9, 2018 in WASSCE QUESTIONS anonymous
1 answer 283 views
Pls I got E8 in all my Electives and C's in all my core subject can I pls gain admission into the university.
asked Sep 4, 2018 in WASSCE QUESTIONS Juliet
1 answer 104 views
1 answer 122 views
Hi sir/madam I have problem with the index codes in Brong Ahafo, Goaso in particular Ahafoman SHTS there are differents index codes written in Ahafoman SHTS. These index (1063500**, 1063501***,1063502***) write all subjects at same place, I was with in this ... *) but officials intermix my answer booklet with this (1063501***) when collecting papers, what will happen to those papers that intermix?
asked Aug 14, 2018 in WASSCE QUESTIONS Kelvin
1 answer 166 views
Please i offered georg, e maths , govmnt and economics as electives back in shs but passed only govmnt back in school i wanted to offer Lit in English, Crs ,history or French but had none , please can i change the three i failed for any of these when writing novdec
asked Jul 27, 2018 in WASSCE QUESTIONS Khris
1 answer 162 views
Please I had "English d7, Maths c6 , social c4 , science b3 ,F. accounting c6,C.accounting a1,business management b3,economics c4 please am I qualified to be applied at UPS
asked Jul 16, 2018 in WASSCE QUESTIONS Nana Yaw
1 answer 409 views
I want to know my centre and index number at Ashanti-Bekwai. My invoice number is F0218116939
asked Jul 13, 2018 in WASSCE QUESTIONS Esther Barnes
1 answer 509 views
1 answer 168 views
Please, am Emmanuel i completed wassce 2018. I want to ask if a fraudster hacks someone's results to change the actual grades how can the fellow retrieve the actual grades back. Thank you
asked Jun 4, 2018 in WASSCE QUESTIONS anonymous