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I'm in Ghana and mistakenly deleted my sms center number for my Vodafone number so I now need the sms center number for Vodafone in Ghana
asked May 25 anonymous
1 answer 112 views
I've been taking postinor 2 for 2years now after any sexual intercourse to avoid pregnancy and I'm now 19 years of age. I want to know whether it can cause infertility or barreness or damage to the womb.
asked May 25 in Health anonymous
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Please What’s the monthly salary for teachers(Public or government school) at the various educational levels? 1. KG teachers 2. Primary teachers(both upper and lower) teachers 3. JHS 4. SHS What’s their monthly salary? And aside the salary is there any allowance?
asked May 16 in Admissions/Recruitment Emma
1 answer 113 views
What are the processes company law is dealt in Ghana
asked May 16 in Education anonymous
1 answer 79 views
Can a Ghanaian holds two Government profession and be paid differently with respect to the work If yes how and if no why
asked May 16 anonymous
1 answer 78 views
Please I had BA Integrated Community Development in 2014 but due to unemployment I went to offer diploma in Teacher Training college. Can I use my degree to upgrade my salary please?
asked May 16 in Education abdul qadri
0 answers 37 views
Processes company law deals in Ghana
asked May 16 in Education Frank
1 answer 63 views
I need dedicated farms for special project.
asked May 16 Stephen Sateckla
1 answer 77 views
I had sex two days after menstruation.Is there any chance of getting pregnant? Please answer me as soon as possible Thanks much!
asked May 16 anonymous
1 answer 77 views
1 answer 41 views
The monthly salary for the teachers holding degree in various educational levels? 1. KG teachers salary 2. Primary school teachers 3.JHS teachers 4.SHS teachers Aside the salary is there any allowance?
asked May 16 Emmanuel
1 answer 209 views
Please when will the admission letters be out? And will all the students admitted will be send or given letters or some will have to various schools to check for admission status? How will one know whether he or she is admitted without admission letter?
asked May 7 in Admissions/Recruitment Emma
1 answer 75 views
What is the deadline for processing forms(UENR)
asked May 6 in Admissions/Recruitment Chris
1 answer 128 views
Please how do you become a teacher in Ghana with a BSc. Psychology degree? How do you apply to teach in a public school? What is the salary?
asked May 6 in Education anonymous